News Brief: Winter Week schedule and events


Credit: Screenshot from Student Council email

In an email to the students and faculty of Wayland High School, the WHS Student Council announced the virtual Winter Week schedule for the year of 2021.

Taylor McGuire

Although Winter Week 2021 will be quite different than years prior, the Wayland High School Student Council has collaborated with Administration to plan an exciting and virtual week to allow students to release stress from their first semester.

On Monday, Feb. 1 during Block 3, one student from each class will log onto Zoom to participate in a game of trivia. Each class can consider different answers amongst their class, and they will send their final answer through a private chat to the host. This activity is optional.

On Tuesday, Feb. 2 during Blocks 1 and 2, there will be a 30-minute video that the orchestra has put together for classes to watch. The WHS String Orchestra, Sinfonia Orchestra and Full Orchestra will perform three pieces: Holst Seven Scottish Airs, Corelli Concerto Grosso and American Landscape (Soon Hee Newbold). Teachers will project the performance on the board while simultaneously sharing their screen for the remote students to enjoy as well. This event is also optional.

The annual talent show will be in the form of a pre-made 15-minute video that Block 5 teachers can show their class on either Tuesday, Feb. 2 or Thursday, Feb. 4. Teachers are mandated to show the talent show.

During Block 4 on either Tuesday or Thursday, there will be an alliance panel that will be 60 minutes long. Teachers can join the Zoom and project their screens, and if they choose, they can ask students at home to also join the Zoom from their own computers. The chat will be open for questions, and this is an optional event.

During Blocks 1 and 2 on Thursday, students will be able to walk through their own virtual WHS art gallery and see students’ pieces displayed on the walls as they walk through the online gallery. It will feature over 150 works from the fall semester’s many art classes, including Art 1/2/3/4, AP Studio Art, Painting, Digital Photography, Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics. It is recommended that students take around 30 minutes to look through the gallery, and this event is also optional.

On Friday, Feb. 5, WHS’ three A Cappella groups, the Muses, the Testostertones and the Madrigals will perform their annual A Cappella Concert. The concert will be in the form of a 15-minute video and can be shown at any time during the blocks. This event is also optional.

Closing Winter Week during Block 5 on Friday will be WHS’ Window Dance Ensemble’s show. Window will be performing live on the stage in the auditorium, and there will be a link to a livestream for teachers to join. The show will last approximately 30 minutes, and this final event is also optional.

Zoom, video and livestream links will be available on this document on the day of the event.