Sports Junkies S2E11: Super Bowl Preview

Garrett Spooner and Max Brande

In season two of Sports Junkies, WSPN sports broadcast editor Garrett Spooner and reporter Max Brande recap the world of local and national sports. In episode 11, the duo discusses everything leading into the Super Bowl this Sunday night. Throughout the episode, keys to the game are discussed for both teams, along with predictions from Brande and Spooner about Super Bowl MVP and which team ends up on top.


0:11: Intro

1:04: Buccaneers Defense versus Chiefs Offense

5:05: Super Bowl Experience

8:41: Legacies at stake for Mahomes, Brady

10:43: Chris Godwin, Mike Evans Impact

13:15: How to stop Tom Brady

15:11: Super Bowl MVP Predictions

17:02: Super Bowl Picks

19:47: Outro