Ask Vilma: Prom preparation

Victoria Vilma

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What is your opinion on how long it takes girls to get ready for prom? Do you think it’s worth all the time and effort, and does anyone really notice how “great” the girls look?

For generations, girls have been taking hours, days and weeks to get ready for proms. They need to get their hair done, makeup, and dress to look perfect. If one hair is out of line or one speck of makeup is smudged, they need to fix it. And to fix it they need an additional hour or two. I think this is wasting time.

Boys take 45 minutes tops to get ready for the prom. They take a shower, put on their tux, and make sure their hair looks decent.

I don’t think guys notice all of our hard work. Our friends do, but I don’t know about guys. This is probably not going to change. So boys, keep spending your maximum 45 minutes of getting ready and let the girls do their thing.

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