Ask Vilma: Adam Ezra Love

Victoria Vilma

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I LOVE ADAM EZRA!!! what should i do?!!

Many young girls and boys are in love with Adam Ezra at Wayland High School, and with good reason: he has a band, he’s from Wayland and he’s a dreamboat.

Now the question is, how are you going to separate yourself from all those other adoring Adam Ezra fans. Here is my advice to you: begin your quest for Adam Ezra’s love by attending his concert (which is to be rescheduled) at the Wayland Town Beach. Once you get there, get a spot up front where you have a good view of Adam and he has a good view of you. When he starts singing, close your eyes and start bobbing your head to show him that you feel the words of his songs flowing through you, just like him.

If sparks haven’t started flying by then, wait until after the concert when he starts talking to people in the crowd. Go up to him and begin speaking to him about things you have in common such as Wayland High School. Hopefully after all these steps have been followed, you will have planted the seed of love with Adam Ezra.

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