Ask Vilma: Less-than-enthusiastic prom date

Victoria Vilma

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I am stressed. See, I asked this guy to go to prom with me and he said yes, but he seems so unenthusiastic! The prom is getting closer but we never like talk, do stuff with each other…It seems like he doesn’t want to go to prom with me. What can I do?

Many juniors face this problem: you have asked someone to prom who you really aren’t that good friends with, and you’re afraid it is going to be awkward with him or her during the prom day. Prom is only a few days away, so you should act fast to resolve this problem before the day arrives.

Here’s what you must do: First, discover the free blocks that you share with him or her. Then, during one of those frees, wait for a seat to open up near him and make your move. Bring some work over and ask him or someone around him who has a class with you a question about it. Once you have sat down, you can start conversing with his friends and him. If the free you have with him is a lunch free, ask him to go out to lunch with you and a group of friends. There you can do some prom-date bonding and hopefully make things a little less awkward between you two.

If for some reason you are unable to follow this advice, don’t worry about it. It is not like you spend all night with your date. Through my prom experience, I have discovered that the most time you spend with your date is at pre-prom taking pictures. When you get to the prom, you can dance with other people and at Late Night you can hang out with your friends and he won’t mind, for he will be with his friends.

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