Ask Vilma: Breaking the Ice

Victoria Vilma

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There is this sophomore girl who I really like, but I don’t have any classes with her. How do I approach her without it being extremely awkward? Also, I have only talked to her once in my life.

The hardest part of meeting a person you want to meet is the initial ice-breaking. Once you have done this, your relationship will begin to progress. There are many different methods guys have used with me to break the ice. One of them is using a pick-up line like, “How much does a polar bear weigh? I don’t know but enough to break the ice.” A question like that will usually merit a slap in the face from a girl due to its sheer stupidity, or at least a dirty look.

Also, polar bears don’t even break the ice when they step on it. I suggest you don’t try that, but I do advise you to use the ever-popular run-in in the hallway technique. If you see your crush walking through the halls or towards a building, run ahead of her and wait behind a corner of a wall, either in or out of the school.

Then as you see her walking towards you, start walking around the corner as if you’ve been heading that way all along. If you time it right, you will hit her square on and everything in her hands will fly out onto the ground. This is when you start apologizing for your clutziness and helping her up. You should also pick up whatever you knocked out of her hands.

While you are doing all this, introduce yourself, if you don’t already know each other. Start making small talk with her by asking questions like, “You’re on the lacrosse team, right?” and then talk about sports or tell a joke like, “What dog keeps the best time? A watch dog!” That one gets me every time. Once you do this, it won’t be awkward to say hi to each other in the hallways or strike up a conversation with her later. The more conversations you two have, the closer you will become.

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