Sports Junkies S2E13: NFL Free Agency and Offseason Trade Predictions

Garrett Spooner and Max Brande

In season two of Sports Junkies, WSPN sports broadcast editor Garrett Spooner and reporter Max Brande recap the world of local and national sports. In episode 13, Spooner and Brande begin the show discussing two star quarterbacks: Deshaun Watson and Russel Wilson. After discussing possible trade packages for the two, the duo dives into NFL free agency where they predict where four marquee free agents will end up.


0:08: Intro

0:33: Deshaun Watson

3:57: Russell Wilson

11:16: Kenny Golladay

13:43: Leonard Fournette

16:01: Juju Smith-Schuster

18:16: Hunter Henry

21:32: Outro