Popular TikTok trend “devious licks” causes destruction in school bathrooms

Recently, the popular social media app TikTok has started a trend around the nation called “devious licks.” To participate in the trend, students steal common items from their school and post them online.

Within the past couple of weeks, the trend hit Wayland High School, causing numerous problems in the school bathrooms. Administrators believe that students are ripping soap and toilet paper dispensers off of the wall, making some parts of the bathrooms unusable.

“The students should definitely be punished,” senior Jenna Garber said. “They are literally taking school property.”

Due to the lack of resources, some students have had to adapt.

“I had to go into the boy’s bathroom to get soap,” Garber said. “It frustrates me.”

Just as some students are frustrated, teachers and staff are annoyed at the high schoolers stealing school materials.

“We are upwards of $7,000 of destruction,” Assistant Principal Laura Cole said.

With the shortage of school materials around the country, administrators at WHS are having difficulties ordering the products to replace those stolen by students.

“My advice would be [for students to] start telling your peers to stop and [that] this is annoying,” Cole said. “We can’t just put [the dispensers] back on, we have to re-order them.”