Restaurant Review: Bagel Table, the newest addition to the Wayland Town Center


Credit: Emily Roberge

Wayland’s new bagel spot, Bagel Table, opens up for business. WSPN’s Emily Roberge reviews the recently-opened establishment.

Emily Roberge

With the school year getting into full swing, many find themselves yearning for a delicious, filling breakfast before a long day. Especially for many high school students who find themselves grabbing food with friends during their free periods, Wayland’s new bagel and breakfast destination, Bagel Table, seems like the perfect place. After its recent opening, many were ecstatic that a quick-and-easy option would be filling the shoes of the previous restaurant in its location, Panera.

After a few visits to Bagel Table, I want to give you the real scoop.

The environment inside Bagel Table is quiet and comfortable, perfect to catch up with a friend, have a relaxing breakfast or lunch or to get lost in a book. I found the atmosphere to be peaceful after a busy morning. The layout of the establishment is also inviting, with charming decorations and nice tables and chairs.

Inside Bagel Table, there is an assortment of appetizing pastries like cupcakes, scones, cookies and brownies. There is also a great selection of different juices, sodas, some fruit cups and yogurt parfaits in a nearby refrigerator.

The service was great. After getting my order mixed up with something I’m allergic to, they were nice enough to remake my bagel and bring a new one to me free of charge. The employees are extremely friendly and welcoming. I didn’t have to wait long, making it a quick and easy meal.

Now, to the menu. I recommend the cupcakes and dessert options, which make for a tasty treat. I ate a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles. Despite the cake itself being a tiny bit dry, the icing was delicious.

As for the bagels, I found them to be slightly dry. I have tried the marble, everything, plain and asiago bagel, and although it is good, nothing so far has blown me out of the water. Everything is yummy, but there still could be a little more flavor. However, new businesses take time to perfect their product, and I believe this is the case with Bagel Table.

Because of allergy restrictions, I was not able to eat the breakfast sandwiches, so I couldn’t input my own opinions. One of my friends, however, indulged in a breakfast sandwich. After trying both the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a toasted everything bagel, and an egg and cheese sandwich on a plain bagel, she thought both options were okay, but nothing extremely special. Both options were better toasted.

On the other hand, the condiments on the bagels made for a flavorful experience. The cream cheese was perfect, and not too heavy on the stomach. During another visit, I got a turkey and cheese sandwich, and it was appealing.

For families in Wayland, the Bagel Table makes for a fast and easy option. It has many different bagels, deserts and juices, which almost every kid is bound to enjoy. There is something for everyone there.

Overall, I think the Bagel Table is convenient and satisfactory. Although I didn’t find the bagels to be anything special, I think any new business takes time to perfect their craft. This is especially difficult when the Bagel Table has to live up to Wayland’s high expectations and fill the large shoes of Wayland’s formerly popular destination, Panera.

When you are in need of a quick and simple breakfast or lunch, I recommend checking out Bagel Table’s many options.