Top 10 New England fall activities (Part Two)


Credit: Sophia Oppenheim

Wondering how to get the most of this fall season? Here are WSPNs top ten recommended activities.

Besides apple picking, going on a hayride and decorating your home, there is still plenty of fall activities to do in the New England area. Here are five more ways to spice up your spooky season.


After apple or pumpkin picking, what would be better than baking delicious treats? Making apple pie, apple cider donuts or pumpkin bread with family or friends is always a great way to connect with them in a fun, seasonal way.

Blair Lonergan’s Mom’s Easy Apple Pie recipe is simple, delicious and fresh. Both sweet and toasty, everyone will enjoy making and devouring it.

Another apple delight is apple cider donuts. New York Times Cooking has made it easy with their baked apple cider donuts recipe fit to replicate the professional donuts sold at apple orchards.

If your autumn cravings are for pumpkin, you might enjoy this recipe for pumpkin bread. With many possible mix-ins, this is a customizable treat for your family this season.

Boston Ghost Tours

As we approach Halloween, some may want a chilling adventure or two. With so much history in our area, haunting sites are plentiful. These Boston Ghost Tours will surely show you the eerie side of the city.

Ghost and Gravestones Trolley Tour has been running for over a decade, introducing its riders to local murder sites, burying grounds, and various haunted areas. Located around 31 minutes from Wayland High School, it costs $42.89 per ticket for a good scare. This tour beginning at 200 Atlantic Ave. in Boston is highly recommended.

If you are looking for a less expensive fright, Boston Ghost Tours may be more up your alley. For $19.99, you can learn the frightening history of Boston Common and the Old South Meeting House. For some of Boston’s most popular sites, many do not know the skeletons, or should I say ghosts, in their closets. You will also visit the most ghost-filled location in Boston, the Omni Parker House and hear the tales of frightened guests.


Bored with the present? Travel back to 1692 with a visit to the Salem Witch Museum. Just a 45 minute drive away, you could spend the day learning about the history of America’s most acclaimed witch trials. The museum features a dark room with visuals and audio that immerse you in the experience of the trials.

While in the area, you can also visit the previous home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, coined “The Witch House.” This site is the only one left standing that was directly involved in the trials. Here, you can learn in-depth history and facts of the event. For people who already know about the Salem Witch Trials and want more details, this is perfect for you!

Going on a fall walk

Many people love autumn because of the bright foliage. Walking through local trails in crisp fall air is a great way to get some exercise, and it’s not like there’s a lack of nearby colorful trails either. Walking or jogging either alone, with family or with a dog is a great way to appreciate the season.

The Hamlen Woods trail leads through the forest and past a small lake. This stretches for 2.1 miles in a loop, making it the perfect place for a quick outing without too much navigation. If you are looking for more of a field than a trail, Heard Farm may be the place for you. With a large, flat piece of land, this is an excellent place to bring a dog to join you on this journey. It is lined with trees and offers access to the Sudbury River. Another easy trail right here in Wayland is located on the Hazel Brook conservation area. This 4.1 mile loop has an especially scenic view and a neat pine footbed.

Haunted Houses

Barrett’s Haunted Mansion, located in Abington, is chock full of frights. Even before entering, ghouls weave through the lines and scare guests from the very first second. The park includes their haunted house as well as the “condemned attraction” which is an outdoor scare site. General admission tickets are $35 and their “bite and a fright” package is only $45 for entrance and a meal. This site is to die for!

Another haunted house is located in Fall Rive, a one hour drive from Wayland. The Factory of Terror is a less expensive option, they sell $20 tickets on most Oct. Fridays and Saturdays and rising to $25 tickets after Oct. 16. It features a haunted factory with a very large place to explore and many monsters jumping out at every turn.

Most Wayland residents are familiar with Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire. This year, you can visit the park for their “Screeemfest” celebration. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m., the park takes on a haunting new side. The cost of a ticket is $46 on Fridays and Sundays and $55 on Saturdays. This purchase will gain you access to over 85 attractions in the park as well as entrance to the five haunted houses at the site. You’ll leave this adventure site screaming.

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