Grace Stephenson: “We want to make a good costume. We want it to be the best.”


Senior Grace Stephenson as a “ghoul-scout” when she was in elementary school. Stephenson has always loved Halloween and creating homemade costumes. “I like the spooky season,” Stephenson said. “I think my mom and I get competitive about it. Not against each other, but we want to make a good costume. We want to be the best.”

Joanna Barrow

Since the age of six months old, senior Grace Stephenson has sported elaborate, handmade costumes for Halloween.

The work begins over the summer, when Stephenson and her mom Fiona Stephenson brainstorm costume ideas together. This part of the process includes extensive online searches for inspiration on Pinterest and Google. Then, Fiona Stephenson makes some sketches, and both Grace and Fiona Stephenson settle on the final concept together.

When the costume has been decided upon, the duo heads to Joanne Fabrics and Savers to find the materials they need. If they need a base outfit, like leggings or a t-shirt, they’ll stop by Savers. Often, they take that base and they add to it with different fabrics, or they shape it to their costume concept.

“It’s very fun when we find the perfect fabric for a costume,” Fiona Stephenson said. “It’s like a treasure hunt.”

All photos courtesy of Grace Stephenson.