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Carley Durant: Music is a part of me

Chris Connell

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For junior Carley Durant, singing is a way to express herself, and she hopes to pursue this passion for the rest of her life.

The auditoriums fills up with applause as junior Carley Durant takers her final bow and walks off the stage. Years of practice have earned Durant a spot on the Muses continuing her passion of singing.

“I’ve been singing basically my whole life,” Durant said. “My parents both love music so we always had the radio on,”

Although she is a singer now, Durant credits her friends and family for playing a key role in her decision to pursue music.

“My friends and family would comment that I had a nice voice, so I guess that put confidence in me to start making an effort,” Durant said.

Durant also took voice lessons, but she doesn’t see as much positive influence from the lessons as other singers may.

“I think a lot [of singing] is to find your own voice and work with it yourself,” Durant said. “It’s only you who can allow yourself to get better.

Durant’s motivation to better her voice landed her a spot on the Muses as a freshman. Durant not only developed close bonds with her fellow Muses, but she also cherished learning from them.

“Being in the Muses is amazing. We all get to share the same love for music and singing,” Durant said. “My freshman year I looked up to everyone, and I learned so much from each of them … we become just as close as a family by the end of the year.”

For Durant, singing is a way to express herself.

“I guess I just like finding songs I can relate too,” Durant said. “It’s nice being able to express yourself in other ways, especially when you know people can enjoy or relate to the song you are singing,”

Durant has just broken the surface of what she hopes to be a lifetime in music. Recently Durant released a cover of “Falling Slowly” with Jonathan von Mering, a senior at Wayland High School.

“It was really fun to record with him. It was awesome to see the nice reaction people had to our song,” Durant said.

Durant also auditioned for the “X Factor” last spring.

“For a long time I had really wanted to try out for a singing show, not really caring which one,” Durant said. “When I heard the X Factor would be in Rhode Island, I jumped right on the opportunity,”

The audition didn’t go as well as Durant hoped it would, and she was told she didn’t make the cut.

“My nerves really got to me. My voice got shaky and I bombed it. It was so disappointing to get the ‘no’ after, and I really wish I had been more prepared,” Durant said.

Moving forward, Durant used her audition as a learning experience for a hopeful future.

“It was a good lesson that I needed more experience, but I would definitely consider trying out for “The Voice” or another TV show like that,” Durant said. “It would be a dream to become famous although I know that is very far-fetched.”

For now, Durant wants to continue her passion of singing at any level.

“Music is a part of me. There’s not a day that I don’t listen to music or sing.”

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Carley Durant: Music is a part of me