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Jonah Camiel: It’s really cool when you see your work on levels that big

Anna Hubbell

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Sophomore Jonah Camiel is a digital media intern for Kiss 108, one of the top 10 radio stations in the country. Camiel works with Kiss 108's social media and video production teams to help manage the station's Facebook and Twitter pages and to help produce videos of live events.

As Justin Bieber finishes singing his first song, the lights dim and the high-pitched screams of 20,000 teenage girls flood the TD Garden arena. Meanwhile, sophomore Jonah Camiel is quickly running around backstage, trying to get into position before the next song begins.

Wearing a black “concert staff” t-shirt and carrying around an expensive video camera, Camiel was the youngest member of the Kiss 108 team to be filming the 2012 Jingle Ball.

This past fall, Camiel was approached by Clear Channel Communications, Inc., the company that owns both Kiss 108 and JAM’N 94.5. Camiel now works as a digital media intern at Kiss 108.

As an intern, Camiel mainly works in two distinct sectors of Kiss 108: social media and video production. Camiel helps manage Kiss 108’s Facebook and Twitter pages, which can be done whenever Camiel has access to a computer. The video production comes into play at live events such as Kiss 108’s Jingle Ball or JAM’N 94.5’s Monster Jam.

As part of his internship, Jonah Camiel has produced videos and taken pictures of many live events, including Kiss 108's 2012 Jingle Ball.

“They knew I had background in video, so they thought it would be nice to have someone who does video and social media,” Camiel said.

If you have “liked” either Kiss 108 or JAM’N 94.5’s page on Facebook, chances are that Camiel has been one of the people making the posts.

“At Monster Jam, I took a picture from the front of the stage and posted it. Within five minutes, it had 20,000 likes. It’s really cool when you see your work on levels that big,” Camiel said.

Camiel began producing videos when he first entered high school. Camiel joined WayCAM last year and is now the network producer for WHS Warriors TV.

Not only has Camiel been involved with digital media, but in 2008, Camiel began his own company, DJ Galaxy Entertainment.

“I’ve always been interested in business operations, and I thought it might be cool to learn how to DJ,” Camiel said.

Although Camiel doesn’t DJ often anymore, Camiel used to work at private functions such as birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs.

As Camiel focuses a lot of his time on his internship position, Camiel finds it can get tricky to balance schoolwork and his passion for his job.

“I’ll find myself needing to write a paper for school, but instead, I’ll be on HootSuite, which is what we use for our social media management. It’s just like how kids will go on Facebook when they’re procrastinating on a paper,” Camiel said. “Something that’s great about social media is that you can [access it] anywhere.”

Camiel’s work for Kiss 108 has also been noted by the WHS administration. Jonah’s job is considered as “education cooperative,” meaning that he gets school credit for his work.

“I’ll have Kiss 108 on my transcript,” Camiel said. “It’s cool because when I apply to college, they’ll know that I worked at the #10 radio station in the country.

Camiel hopes to continue using his knowledge of technology in the future as well.

“I’ll probably go into something in digital media. I like the combination between video production and social media. I think it’s a really big combination that’s going to start playing more and more of a role in business as social media continues to grow,” Camiel said.

For now, Camiel is content with the role he has of using social media, producing videos and hearing the reactions of people from all over the world.

“It’s so cool to get that instant feedback on your work.”

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  1. Terry Fox on January 8th, 2013 8:23 PM

    Way to go Jonah!!! From your California Cousins Frankie & Terry (remember San Francisco)


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Jonah Camiel: It’s really cool when you see your work on levels that big