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Students and teachers explore Costa Rica over April vacation (10 photos)

Kruti Vora

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While many students were vacationing with their families, touring colleges or simply catching up on sleep at home this past April break, 11 WHS students and three teachers took a weeklong guided trip to Costa Rica.

The group first got in touch with the touring company, Costa Rican Resource, through academic center coordinator Barbara Wolfson, who is friends with the director of the company.

Although Wolfson had been to Costa Rica three times prior to this past week, this was a new experience for her, as well as for many of the students.

Junior Lily Wadsworth said, “My family always goes on typical family vacations, but going to Costa Rica with this group was something different, and I knew I would have to go out of my comfort zone.”

While in Costa Rica, the group of 14 WHS community members enjoyed thrilling activities such as zip lining and snorkeling. The group even held large, indigenous spiders. The group also spent two nights in the homes of families that lived in the area.

The homestay was one of the most popular portions of the trip for some students.

“At first, we were all really nervous [for the homestay] and thought it would be awkward, but the families were so nice and trusted us like we were their own children,” Wadsworth said.

For Wolfson, the homestay was a way for the group to get a sense of the Costa Rican way of life.

“It was completely different [from a hotel]. You’re in someone’s home. They give you their room and what is theirs is yours,” Wolfson said. “As they say, ‘mi casa es su casa.’”

Many students and teachers felt that the trip was a great way to learn and experience a new culture and environment.

“I think this is just an incredible experience for students; you just learn so much about science and life,” Wolfson said. “It gives you this whole different view of the world.”

After a teary goodbye, the group returned to Wayland on Monday, April 22.

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  1. Brielle on May 8th, 2013 8:54 AM

    This sounds like such a great experience! My husband and I have been looking into Costa Rica condominiums for our next trip. We have only been to a resort in Costa Rica the last time we went. This time we are looking forward to getting a tour and seeing much more of the nature in this beautiful place. Thanks so much for sharing this great article!


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The student news site of Wayland High School
Students and teachers explore Costa Rica over April vacation (10 photos)