News Brief: New quarantine protocols


Credit: Theo Ghosh

News Editor Tess Alongi informs readers of a schedule changes for this upcoming week.

Tess Alongi

The Wayland School Committee voted to change the quarantine period required to return to school from 10 days to five days to be consistent with the CDC guidance. The new protocol allows students who have quarantined for five days to return to school if they do not have symptoms. Students are also recommended to have a negative rapid test to return although it is not a requirment.

Upon return, students who had COVID-19 must be masked at all times for ten days. This means they must maintain at least six feet of distance from peers when eating lunch. At most Wayland schools, students will have to eat lunch in a different location, but two elementary schools, Happy Hollow and Loker, are exploring different options, such as an outdoor tent, as they lack the necessary space for students returning to school.

“In the end, most school committee members felt it was important to follow the CDC guidelines and adopt the shorter quarantine period of five days and that students should get a negative rapid test result before returning on day six,” Wayland School Committee Chair Chris Ryan said.