What the Warriors are Wearing: Blackout


Join Arts and Entertainment Editor Talia Macchi in a new column titled “What the Warriors are Wearing.” She will be overviewing what to wear to WHS football games every week.

Talia Macchi

Warrior orange can wait until the fall because tonight is a blackout. Every year, Wayland High School’s student section goes all out for football games by participating in different psychs to raise school spirt and to intimidate the opposing team. For the second year in a row, students are using a FaceBook group called “WHS Fan Section” to announce when games are and to share what the fun attire of the night will be. Some psychs from last year included a whiteout, blackout, Halloween costumes, a ski theme and many more, yet we expect this season to be even more exciting.

Since tonight is the Warriors first game of the season under the lights, the theme is simple yet fierce: a blackout. “Big game Friday 9/9. Home opener so blackout. Be there,” senior Ashley Rice announced in the FaceBook group earlier this week.

As Wayland colors are black and orange, it should be quite easy for most to find an outfit. You could play it safe and go with a simple black sweatshirt and black shorts or go the extra 100 yards and put some eye black under your eyes and top it off with a fun head piece.