What the Warriors are Wearing: USA


Credit: Talia Macchi

In this week’s edition of “What the Warriors are Wearing,” WSPN’s Talia Macchi will be discussing the impacts that psychs have on fans as well as the players. Tonight’s psych is a USA theme, but it is encouraged to wear the colors of the flag you feel most comfortable in.

Talia Macchi

It’s that time of the week again: Friday night lights. For the second game of the season, bring out your reds, whites and blues because tonight’s psych is USA!

To recap from last week’s “What the Warriors are Wearing,” a psych is when the students attending a game all dress up under a specific theme with the goal of “psyching” out or intimidating the opposing team. Last Friday night, for Wayland’s first football game of the season, the theme was a blackout. Many students went all out. Several students painted eyeblack under their eyes, others had dark glitter on their faces and a few even threw on black-colored costumes!

“[Psychs] are a great way for students in the fan section to come together and feel more involved,” senior Ashley Rice said. “[Psychs] are a fun way to express creativity, and they helps students stand out in the fan section.”

Even though tonight’s psych is USA, students should feel free to wear the colors of a flag that they feel comfortable in. Furthermore, Rice posted a poll earlier this week to vote on the psych for tonight’s game which she plans to do each week. USA won with a 65% vote vs. neon with a 35%.

“It’s never easy to get a big group of people to all agree on one thing, especially when the group consists of hundreds of people of different ages and personalities,” Rice said. “The way I like to deal with this is to encourage everyone to wear what they feel most comfortable in.”

There is one representative from each grade who is an admin in the “Wayland Student Fan Section” Facebook group. The Facebook group is dedicated to posting about when games are and what the psych will be each week. The admins plan to bring back classic psychs this season, like a whiteout, camouflage and ski trip, but they also are working on bringing never seen before psychs to the student section this year, like wild west and outer space.

“We have so many ideas for psychs and are always open to hearing new ones,” Rice said. “I think it’s important for the players to have a say in what the fans are wearing, so for football games, I usually will have a conversation with a few of the players and hear their opinions.”

Safety, junior Jake Kennedy thinks a pajama psych would be perfect for a cold night. He also thinks a Wayland theme or an orange-out would make the crowd very lively and school-spirited.

“As a football player, I love the student section psychs because of the unification it gives Wayland as a whole,” Kennedy said. “When I glance from the field and into the stands, I get so happy seeing everyone in the same type of outfit cheering for the team.”

Tradition holds that seniors sit in the front of the stands with juniors, sophomores and freshmen behind them. There are also many chants that go on throughout the game, which are usually led by a senior. A few of the chants are: “Lets go Wayland, we can’t hear you and warm the buses.” Here are some words of wisdom from the upperclassmen.

“My advice to the student section would be to get as loud as you can for the game but especially more during third or fourth downs to throw off our weary opponents,” Kennedy said.

“The best advice I would give to the student section is to be loud and don’t be afraid,” Rice said. “I encourage every grade to participate in the psychs and sit in the student section. Plus, it’s always more fun when there’s more people.”

On game day, you’re sure to feel and see the energy.

“I think that the psychs are super fun and something easy for everyone to participate in,” sophomore Venezia Sebastianelli said. “The psychs make the games so much better.”