What the Warriors are Wearing: Camouflage


In this week’s edition of “What the Warriors are Wearing,” WSPN’s Talia Macchi shares some information about the opposing team tonight, Bedford, and she gives some advice on what to wear to the game.

Talia Macchi

Guess what? You might not be able to find the fan section at the football game tonight, as the psych is camouflage. But do not fret, because if you can’t see the fan section, you’ll definitely hear them.

It’s another away game this week and the Warriors will be playing Bedford. The game will be held at Bedford High School’s turf at 7 p.m., where there is a large parking lot and stands for Wayland fans to fill. A fun fact is that both Wayland and Bedford are comparable in size with around 830 students.

Although Bedfords record is 2-1 whereas Waylands record is 0-3, it is expected to be a good game, and Wayland will absolutely be putting up a fight. Furthermore, senior Nathan Mazokopos is back tonight, making his debut after an injury early this season.

“Rumor has it there might be a special return of one player, you wouldn’t want to miss his comeback,” senior Ashley Rice said in the “Wayland Fan Section” Facebook group.

After admins of the “Wayland Fan Section” Facebook group discussed the psych for this week, they agreed that camouflage would be perfect for this cloudy night ahead. Rice posted in the Facebook group earlier this week to allow the fans to plan ahead.

“Football game this Friday is camo,” Rice said. “It is in Bedford, so let’s show up for our boys.”

For previous camouflage psychs, people have worn the normal green camouflage pants or leggings with some sort of camouflage top, however, all the psychs are going to be bigger and better this year, so go all out. You could pull out your dad’s old camouflage jacket, or maybe throw on a camo vest. Do you have a ghillie suit? That would be just perfect. You could even splat some face paint under your eyes, anything to blend in! Bedford won’t know what hit them.