What the Warriors are Wearing: Orange and teal


Credit: Talia Macchi

In this week’s edition of “What the Warriors are Wearing,” WSPN’s Talia Macchi explains the reasoning behind the psych, and gives some recommendations of what to wear to the game.

Talia Macchi

It’s Friday! It’s game day! It’s time for this week’s “What the Warriors are Wearing.” The Wayland Warriors are playing Concord-Carlisle at 7 p.m. tonight under Wayland’s lights. You heard that right. The Warriors are back for another home game, bringing the fans right along with them.

What’s different about tonight’s psych is that it has a deeper meaning compared to previous psychs this season. The psych tonight is to wear the colors teal and orange in honor of Eliza Norton, a Wayland 10-year-old who recently passed away. Teal was Eliza’s favorite color, and she also loved Wayland orange.

“Let’s come together as a community to not only get loud and win but support Eliza and her loved ones,” senior Riley Leichliter said in the “Wayland Fan Section” FaceBook group.

Furthermore, admins of the FaceBook group reached out to the opposing team asking for their fans to do the same psych. The goal is that the whole stadium will be filled with teal and orange, honoring Eliza’s life.

“Bigger than just football,” said junior Garrett Batt in reply to Leichliter’s post.

This psych is quite easy because it’s simply the colors orange and teal. You could throw on some of your orange Wayland merchandise and some blue jeans. If you want to be more festive, you could head to Party City in Natick, Massachusetts, as they have a wall filled with accessories of all sorts of colors.

Get your orange and teal and come out to not only support the Warriors but, more importantly, to support Eliza’s life.