What the Warriors are Wearing: Pink-out


Credit: Talia Macchi

In this week’s edition of “What the Warriors are Wearing,” WSPN’s Talia Macchi explains the reasoning behind the psych and shares further information about the game.

Talia Macchi

It’s a different kind of week for Wayland High School. Not only did Wayland not have school on Monday due to National Indigenous Peoples Day, the football game is tonight instead of the usual Friday night lights. Get ready, as tonight is also senior night!

The Warriors will be playing Newton South at 7 p.m. at home. The change in day is simply due to scheduling issues. However, there are many reasons to attend the game.

Not only is it the last home game of the season, but more importantly, we will be celebrating the senior Warriors and their football careers at the high school.

Furthermore, tonight the fans will also be honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month and the psych is appropriately a pink-out! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the admins of the “Wayland Fan Section” FaceBook group hope to get as many people as they can involved in raising awareness for this great cause.

“It’s senior night so let’s show up! See you guys at 7 at home in PINK for October Breast Cancer Awareness,” senior Ashley Rice posted in the FaceBook group.

Although Thursday night is a school night for the students of Wayland High School, take a break and put down your pens and paper to come out and support the Warriors. Go all out in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and get loud for the seniors on the field.