Meet the sophomores at semi

Join WSPN’s Emily Roberge and Genevieve Morrison as they interview attendees at the Class of 2025’s sophomore semi on Oct. 29.

Juliana Boyajian and Jack Gavron: 0:16-1:20

Aidan Shapley and Ben Hynes: 1:21-2:03

Bowen Morrison and Mischa Lee: 2:05-3:09

Venezia Sebastianelli and Elyssa Grillo: 3:10-4:17

Lucas Yemin and Maya Noyes: 4:18-5:00

Colin McHugh and Kanmani Sekhar: 5:01-5:53

Shane Desmond and Georgia Blackburn: 5:54-6:58

Cole Snyder and Maeve Moran: 6:59-8:30

Brady Spencer and Melina Barris: 8:31-9:18

Carolina Sdoia and Peyton Moran: 9:19-10:07

Max Dresens and Finley Knapp: 10:08-11:16

Luke DiPietrio-Froio and Emma Zocco: 11:17-12:31

Bella Schreiber and Lily Cerne: 12:32-13:12

Hassan Rashid and Fiona Wang: 13:13-14:36

Alex Dremov and Reva Datar: 14:37-15:32

Sasha Libenzon and Emma Zocco: 15:33-16:29

Matt Capello and Donovan Mason: 16:30-17:40

Thomas Ali and Michael Likerman: 17:41-18:07

Cate Ellenbogen and Cole Chase: 18:08-19:11