Breaking News: Wayland plans to get rid of plastic water bottles


Credit: Charlotte Thriman

At a Green Team protest in November, the group presented how much plastic WHS goes through in one day. The protest informed the DPW about the situation. “We have a plan in place to move away from bottled water in our schools,” Director of Finance of WPS Tom LaFleur said.

Sophia Oppenheim

On Dec. 1, English teacher and Green Team advisor Sara Snow was informed by Tom LaFleur, the Director of Finance for WPS, of the new plan to remove plastic water bottles around WHS after winter break. This response comes after the Green Team’s protest to have water fountains turned back on.

At the most recent school committee meeting, DPW Director Tom Holder spoke about what the town has done to reduce PFAS levels in the water.

“[Holder] did communicate that the town water supply is within acceptable limits and is safe to use,” LaFleur said in an email to Snow.

To ensure that the water is safe, the DPW will start testing water samples next week in each building. The results will return in three weeks.

“If the rests come back as acceptable, we will be turning on the water devices district wide and eliminating the use of bottled water,” LaFleur said.

To start the process before the results return, facility departments were told to replace filters in the water fountains and check the devices.

“If all goes well, I expect to have the schools back on town water when we return from the winter break,” LaFleur said.