10 songs to add to your spring playlist

Talia Macchi

As the cold season turns away, spirits lift and smiles bloom. Spring is full of going on walks, cleaning closets and driving with the windows down, and music is a must-have for making those activities all the better. Here are ten songs from various genres guaranteed to brighten any spring day.

1. “No Fear” by DeJ Loaf
Although DeJ Loaf released this song in 2017, it has recently bounced back onto many playlists. With its bubbly beats and jumpy chorus, it’s the perfect song to play in the car as the temperature first reaches 70 degrees. The lyrics “so let’s live our life, more than one night / promise if I could, I’d do it twice” remind listeners to live their life to the fullest every day. This upbeat tune will make you feel like it’s summer with the first listen.

2. “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen
Country star Morgan Wallen released this song in early January, anticipating his third studio album, “One Thing At a Time.” The 32-track album broke a vast amount of records, and every song hit the top of Billboard’s Hot 100, with “Last Night” at number two. This song is about trying to keep a relationship alive by remembering conversations from a past night. With its calming melodies, heartfelt lyrics and country sparkle, this song will prepare you for the cowboy hat-wearing weather ahead.

3. “These Words” by Natasha Bedingfield
This heartfelt pop song came out 19 years ago and is still a bop today. Its bass filled versus combined with its light chorus make it a great song for dancing in the rain. Bedingfield’s voice is so calming yet high spirited. This song is all about saying ‘I love you’ and how there is no better way to express that feeling. I am sure that listening to this song in the morning will plant the seeds for you to have a wonderful day.

4. “Hey Lover!” by Wabie
This tune is a spin-off of the “Daughters Of Eve” song “Hey Lover,” which came out in 1965. I am sure that many people know the original song, and Wabie’s 2019 release of it is so much fun. Wabie slowed down the original tune, adding vocals from Mia Daly. With its playful strums and light drums, I guarantee you that this song will excite you for spring. I recommend playing this song while doing your spring cleaning or in the car while running errands because it’s close to impossible not to sway your head along to the music while listening. It’s simply a sweet spring song.

5.“I know it won’t work” by Gracie Abrams
Although this song is on the sadder side, it’s still an amazing song to listen to as the birds chirp. It has a big build up to a loud chorus, like you are waiting for the sun before it finally comes out from behind a cloud. Abrams is a newer artist who has quickly hit the charts with this song and many others. This tune is about wanting someone even though they know it won’t work out in the end. This is a great song to listen to on rainy April days.

6. “Rose Colored Lenses” by Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus released her eighth studio album on March 10. The record has 13 tracks, with the song “Flowers” being the most popular, however, there are many other songs, like “Rose Colored Lenses,” that make you feel like summer is in the air. The song starts with the lyrics “sunrise got us up early | so we put on our shades,” which explains how it prepares you for summer.

7.“ALIEN SUPERSTAR” by Beyoncé
This sassy song recently went viral on TikTok. Beyonce is always sending a message through her songs. This one is about not wanting to leave a dance floor and that no one should try to compete with her because she knows she is the best performer in the industry. This song, without a doubt, will make you feel confident and happy, which is the perfect combo for spring.

8. “Kilby Girl” by The Backseat Lovers
This indie rock song starts off as a calming tune that rapidly picks up at the chorus. The sharp guitar strums and the rumbling drums bring the most joyous sounds. This tune is about trying to impress someone you are attracted to. Play this song while going on a bike ride or while getting your first ice cream cone of the season. This song will 100% make you feel oh-so cheerful.

9. “Good Days” By SZA
If flowers could sing, this song would be what they sound like. The introduction to this song is light and whimsical. The lyrics “good days, always on my mind” reminds listeners of the summer days ahead. SZA’s beautiful voice makes listening to this song feel like a breath of fresh air. SZA put sunshine in this song.

10. “3005” by Childish Gambino
This song is about feeling like you can be with someone forever — or until the year 3005. Its fast rap lyrics will get you right out of bed in the morning. With its slower chorus and various spoken lyrics, this song is like every genre of music in one song, making it the perfect tune for any spring occasion. Want to show your friends a new song for spring? This is definitely one that they add to their playlists.