Top trends of spring 2023


Credit: Melina Barris

Join Talia Macchi, Melina Barris and Jessi Dretler in an overview of this season’s fashion trends.

As sunscreen and sunglasses go on, heavy winter coats and wool hats come off. The warm weather months are here, and it’s time to update your closet for the new season. Here are seven popular styles to look stylish this spring.

Midi skirts:
Spring is the perfect time to wear skirts, and recently, midi skirts have been trending. Midi skirts barely drift past your knees, making them the perfect bottom for the breezy yet sunny spring temperatures. Midi skirts come in a variety of colors, but floral prints and pastel shades are in. There is also a large variety of midi skirt styles, ranging from tight-fitted skirts with a high slit to loose and flowy skirts. Zara and ASOS sell cute and fashionable midi skirts that are both affordable and great quality. Pair a midi skirt with a tank top, baby tee or a corset for a classy yet cute spring look.

Lace trim:
Lace trim on clothing is a popular trend that grows in demand when the spring season arrives. Lace trim is popular on necklines of shirts and hems of skirts. The popular store Brandy Melville uses lace in many of its most popular tops, including the Mckenna Lace Top, the Skylar Floral Lace Tank and the Ronnie Floral Tank. These tops are the perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe for a softer, spring-like look.

Who doesn’t love a cardigan? Not only are they cute, cardigans are also the perfect spring piece because they are easy to take off and on as the weather fluctuates. As most cardigans have buttons or a zipper down the middle, there are many ways to style them. You can wear a cardigan by itself or over a top. Recently, cropped cardigans have been trending, which are a great piece to wear to school on a dewy spring day. A cardigan will never let you down.

Pastel colors:
In winter, some people tend to wear dark colors such as black, dark blue or gray. Yet, as the bees start to buzz and the sun comes out, more colors make their way into the fashion scene. Recent trending colors include the pastel shades sky blue, baby pink and lavender, which reflect the warm weather. Champagne is another light color that has gained popularity this season. Many clothing brands have produced pastel palette collections.  You could compare this spring fashion trend to a decorated Easter egg.

Cargo pants:
Although cargo pants were popular this winter season, the trend will continue into the spring. Instead of the baggy, heavy cargo pants that we saw in the winter, we now see lighter and tighter cargo pants in the spring. These cargo pants are made of materials like linen and cotton, making them perfect to wear on a rainy April day. Cargo pants are known for their multiple-pocket look, yet they come in many different styles. Recently, flared cargo pants have been in-style in light shades like nude and white. These easily match with graphic T-shirts or cropped long sleeves. Cargo pants have made their stance in the fashion industry, and we are excited to see how they will be styled this spring.

Floral print tank tops:
As the flowers bloom, floral prints on clothing bloom too. This year, floral print tank tops have been on the rise. These pretty tanks are perfect to throw on after showering, and they go with any simple bottom. Tank tops are the perfect undergarment, and these floral tanks would match well with a neutral cardigan. Much like lace trim, the most popular store to find a floral tank top is Brandy Melville. You never can go wrong with wearing a floral tank top.

Crochet long sleeve tops:
You would expect a crochet top to be a cover-up over a bathing suit at the beach, however, long sleeve crochet tops have recently become popular. The small crochet holes give you the perfect amount of warmth during cooler spring days. Like cardigans, it’s easy to take these tops off and on, which is great for spring’s changing weather.