What to wear to Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour”


Credit: Melina Barris

Join WSPN’s Melina Barris, Mischa Lee and Jane Tardif as they discuss outfits to wear to Taylor Swift’s upcoming “Eras Tour.”

As you walk into a huge stadium, the buzz of excitement fills your ears as people chat and feet stomp. The overall glow of the stadium has everyone around you filled with excitement. You find your seat, look around and realize how amazing your view is, reminding yourself that you are about to see Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” live. However, it wasn’t so easy get to this moment. From getting tickets to picking out the perfect outfit, a lot of preparation had to be done. Swift is preforming at Gillette Stadium this weekend, so if you are still in the process of preparing, we are here to help. Here are some last minute “Eras Tour” outfit ideas  based off of every Swift era.


“Taylor Swift,” which is referenced as “Debut,” is Swift’s first album. This record was released in 2006 when the artist was only 16 years old. Within the first few weeks of its release, more than 40,000 copies were sold. Because this album is filled with Swift’s country roots, many people wear cowboy hats and cowboy boots to represent this era. Some like to pair these items with a white dress and denim pants or skirts. Swift embraced her natural blonde, curly hair during “Debut,” so if you want to look like young Taylor, curling your hair is another fun idea. Dressing up based on her “Debut” album is definitely one of her easier eras to dress as, since it is more of a basic, but still cute, outfit for a Taylor Swift concert.


“Fearless” is all about gold and glitz. The songs on this album were originally released in 2008 under Big Machine Records, but were re-recorded by Swift in 2021 as “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).” Similar to “Debut,” this album has more of a country vibe, as it is about Swift’s young life. From singing about her freshman year of high school with the song “Fifteen,” to mentioning heartbreak in the song “You’re Not Sorry,” Swift embraces all of her teenage feelings. To dress for this era, wear a sparkly gold dress with tassels and pair it with cowboy boots. If you wear gold, you’ll fit the vibe of the album perfectly.

“Speak Now”

Swift originally released this album in 2010, but just recently announced her plans to re-record it as “Speak now (Taylor’s Version).” This era is all about love, heartbreak and revenge. Both the old and new album covers are of Swift wearing a big purple dress. The fashion of Swift’s “Speak Now” era is old-school and a bit more rustic than some of her newer albums. To dress for this era, try wearing a vintage-inspired dress with ties of purple incorporated throughout the outfit. You also could write a “13” on your hand, just as Swift did when she was on her “Speak Now” tour in 2011.


“Red” marks the beginning of Swift’s pop music takeover. The style for this album screams early 2000’s. To fit this era, match with the title of this album and wear anything that is the color red. Black pairs well with red, so adding some black leather to the outfit would make your outfit all the better.  If you really want to encapsulate Swift in this era, you could add a red lip. Another option is to wear a shirt that says “not a lot going on in the moment,” mimicking her look in her “22” music video.


The colors shown in Swift’s “1989” album cover are lavender, light blue and white. When thinking of an outfit that will fit this album, a simple pastel-colored dress along with white sneakers would be perfect. If you are looking for more of a casual outfit, a lavender top with jeans would also fit the category of “1989.” Another cute addition would be adding in white sunglasses just as Swift often did during this era.


This era marks Swift’s darker and more mature days, which is arguably her most distinct era. To dress for this era, wear anything black and white, silver or dark green. Anything made of leather material also fits the vibe of “Reputation.” On the back of the “Reputation” album cover, there’s a newspaper pattern, which could be incorporated through numerous tops and pants. Snakes were seen in a lot of Swift’s “Reputation” music videos, so incorporating a snake ring or necklace into your look could add some bling to your outfit. Speaking of bling, diamonds were also very popular during this era, as seen in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.


For her next album, “Lover,” Swift chose the exact opposite feel of “Reputation.” Lover is all about the happy feelings of falling in love. “Lover” fashion is a combination of pastels, feathers and patterns. To dress for the “Lover” era, colorful sundresses, glittery skirts and pink-colored outfits are recommended. Adding hearts to your outfit, whether they are in the form of hair clips, heart sunglasses or just a regular heart pattern on clothing, will represent this era well. All of the hearts of this era represented Swift’s past relationship with Joe Alwyn.


Made in 2020, “Folklore” is one of Swift’s more recent albums. To correlate with the forest theme in the “Folklore” album cover, wear colors like white and silver. Floral and vine prints also fit the vibe of this album.  Other “Folklore” options are maxi dresses, skirts, crochet tops and, of course, cardigans based on her song “Cardigan.” Disco ball earrings have also been seen as a good way to represent this Era because of her song “Mirrorball.”


“Evermore,” is a very recognizable album cover because of Swift’s french braid.  If you wear a single french braid, everyone will know you are representing the “Evermore” era. Colors like gold, beige, auburn and forest green also fit the rugged style of “Evermore,” because of the songs like “gold rush” and “ivy.” Velvet pants, long skirts and buttoned dresses are also perfect options for “Evermore” because of the autumn vibes it has.


“Midnights” is Swift’s most recent album, which describes 13 sleepless nights throughout Swift’s life. It is inspired by many different experiences and feelings Swift has been through. When you think of “Midnights,” you think of nighttime and starry skies, which is why the colors of this era are blue and purple. Wearing silver accessories and glitter would be perfect for this album, as they can represent stars. A navy blue dress or even a matching pajama set in a midnight blue color would also be perfect for “Midnights.”