Seven tips for finals


Credit: Chloe Zilembo

WSPN’s Jane Tardif shares seven tips for studying for finals.

Jane Tardif

Wayland High School’s final exams are approaching, with math exams taking place on Wednesday, June 14 and and science exams taking place on Thursday, June 15. Here are some tips for students to help them prepare for the exams.

Review old materials
Since the final covers materials and topics from earlier in the year, it might be helpful for students to go back and refresh their memories on earlier topics. It might also be helpful to review old homework assignments and tests.

Don’t overstudy
Studying for hours and hours before the final exam can leave students feeling worn out. To stay consistent, start to study at least a week in advance, and study for a couple hours each night to help in the long run.

Meet with teachers
If students are struggling in a certain area of a subject, going directly to a teacher and asking for extra help can be beneficial. Oftentimes, going over materials with a teacher can answer questions and give some clarity on which topics they know and which topics they need to spend more time going over.

Stay organized
In order to review old materials, the materials must be organized in a way that is clear and simple. Spending lots of time looking for particular materials often just wastes time. Students should make sure that they can find all necessary materials before they begin studying.

Take helpful breaks
After hours of studying, students can feel tired and worn out. To prevent this, students should take periodic breaks so that they’re not stuck at a desk for too long. To be sure that these breaks are helpful, students can take a quick walk outside or grab a snack. Taking ineffective breaks, like simply scrolling on a phone, wont give students’ brains a break and can even make them feel worse.

Don’t be distracted by cellphones
One of the biggest distractions for some students is their cellphone. In order to focus, these students can separate themselves from their phone. This can mean putting electronic devices in another room or even in a closed drawer. Students should do whatever it takes for them to not be tempted to go on their phones rather than stay on task.

Talk with classmates
One of the most helpful resources for students can be their classmates. It can help to compare answers, help work through different problems together, and ask each other questions to help study.

Finally, remember that finals only contribute to 10% of the final grade, so don’t stress excessively.