Students share December break plans

Lina Baranovsky

Megan Armstrong Sophomore
Megan Armstrong


“[I’m] chilling and staying at home,…hanging out with friends and family and just enjoying the holidays.”

Carmen Mei Junior
Carmen Mei


“[My plans are to] mainly just spend time with family, work, stay at home, sleep in and stuff… [I am going to be] opening presents with my little cousins and my family and giving presents out.”

Savannah Salitsky Sophomore
Savannah Salitsky


“I am going to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. I am going alone but I am going to be there to stay with my camp friends from the camp that I go to called Camp Birch Hill. I’ll be there for eight days.”

Yaniv Goren Sophomore
Yaniv Goren


“Well for the first half, we’re not really doing much. I think I’m just staying at home, meeting with friends, celebrating with my family and relaxing, but in the second half, I am flying to France with my dad and meeting up with some family friends there. First we’re going to be in Nice, around the Riviera, and then we’re going to go up to the Alps, and we’re going to be skiing there for a few days. It’s going be a lot of fun. I’m pumped. It’s gonna be lit.”

Dan Pachter Senior
Dan Pachter


“For break, I’m planning to go to the Cayman Islands [in the Caribbean] with my family, and I feel like it’ll be really fun because we’re going to be playing tennis and going scuba diving and going around on different tours around the area. Also, I feel like it’s really good to get away for December break because it’s really cold around here. Especially if you go to a really nice place, it’s really cool.”

Jacob Fong Senior
Jacob Fong


“I’m probably going to stay for the first half, and then I’m going to New York to see relatives and hang out with them.”

Rachel Hanks Wellness teacher
Rachel Hanks
Wellness teacher


“My family and I are going to the Dominican Republic. We’ve been going away for Christmas for 27 years, and this is our last one.”

Peter Tsipis Junior
Peter Tsipis


“I’m going up to Toronto with my mom and my brother, and we’re going to see my grandparents and my cousins for Christmas. Maybe [we’ll] go to downtown Toronto [and] do some sight-seeing.”

Nathan Hochberger Freshman
Nathan Hochberger


“My family is going to Israel for two weeks. [We’re going to be] just traveling around, visiting places and [celebrating] my younger brother’s bar mitzvah.”