Students and faculty share opinions on the Winter Week schedule changes

Angela Park and Lina Baranovsky

Nia Coufos Senior
Nia Coufos


“I think it’s dumb because Winter Week used to be really fun, and now the school is getting all strict and stuff, and the school used to be really fun before, and they’re making all these changes now.”

Casey Troost Junior
Casey Troost


“I mean, I guess if they’re going to make us go to certain performances, I feel like they probably at least intended to be helpful, and I’m sure the loss of freedom is probably going to upset a lot of people because they wanted to go see this or that, but I don’t know. I’m just psyched I don’t have to do a lot of work.”

Joseph Oneschuk Band director
Joseph Oneschuk
Band director


“I am looking forward to seeing how it works and the pros and cons of it.”

Logan Chaet Senior
Logan Chaet


“I heard a lot of teachers [and faculty] say that they didn’t like the student performances. They thought it took away from Winter Week. I disagree completely. I think that the student performances are always nice. If a student wants to get out there and get their talents out there, I think that’s great for them, and I think that should be supported by the faculty instead of looked down upon, quite honestly.”

Ryan Kelley Senior
Ryan Kelley


“I don’t think it gives enough time for student performances, and you got to have the awesome a cappella groups singing, like every block. The T-Tones are the best. #FTM.”

Maxine Scherz Sophomore
Maxine Scherz


“I don’t really mind it that much. I’ve only done one Winter Week, [so] it’s not like I’m really attached to the whole thing.”

Lauren McNamara Junior
Lauren McNamara


“I think it’s kind of weird because it’s kind of defeating the purpose of Winter Week a little bit, unlike it used to.”

Ujan Talukdar Junior
Ujan Talukdar


“I didn’t really have a whole lot of reaction. I mean, I feel like these changes will actually serve a purpose, and I hope [they] actually [do], and we’ll see how it goes.”