Opinion: 10 things freshmen should avoid

Members of the WSPN staff let freshmen know what they should and shouldnt do in high school

Credit: Isabel Gitten

Members of the WSPN staff let freshmen know what they should and shouldn’t do in high school

The transition from middle school to high school is a stressful one, and as a freshman, there are many nuances of being a high schooler that may not seem obvious. Here are some helpful tips from members of the WSPN staff to help the Class of 2020 have a seamless transition into high school.

  1. Do not clog up the hallways waiting for classes. One of the things that grinds the gears of upperclassmen is when freshmen wait in the hallway, specifically in front of the biology classrooms. It’s a good idea to leave lunch around three minutes before lunch ends so you get to class on time, but don’t create roadblocks for every other person in the school.
  2. Do not walk up the wrong side of the stairs. There’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze your way through a labyrinth of backpacks and swinging hair trying to get to your next class.
  3. Make sure to attend study hall. Although it doesn’t seem like an important class to go to, you’ll get cuts if you skip it, and not going to study hall is the quickest way for a freshman to rack up demerits. Remember, each cut is worth 3 demerits. You don’t want to start having demerits add up freshman year, but if you do, work them off quickly.
  4. Don’t think you’re at the top of the food chain; it’s not middle school anymore.
  5. Don’t make a bad impression on the lunch lady.
  6. Don’t cause a ruckus in the media center. Ms. Schmidt and Ms. Miller will be upset, and it’s helpful to be friends with them.
  7. Don’t run in the hallways.
  8. Don’t use your locker. No one really uses their locker, and it can be very out of the way. You’ll find yourself getting to class late often because of the time it takes to travel to your locker between classes
  9. Don’t keep wearing the same dirty clothes to wellness. It can really affect your wellness grade when you don’t change multiple times in a row, and you’ll smell bad after class–especially if you don’t bring deodorant.
  10. Do not sit in the wrong section of the commons. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen during your freshman year is sitting in the wrong section of the commons during lunch.

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