Politipress: An open letter to Donald Trump

Isabel Gitten, writer of Politipress, address the new president-elect in an open letter.

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Politipress: An open letter to Donald Trump

Isabel Gitten

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Dear Donald Trump,


You won. You are now officially the most hated president in United States history — a title you earned before you even got into office.

Are you ready to be president?

More than half of America knows who you truly are. We know you are selfish. We know you are a sexual predator. We know you are unaware politically. How do we know this? We have seen it in the way you push for the white man’s agenda. We have seen it in the way you boasted about your greatness throughout your campaign. We have seen it in the way you’ve insulted people with disabilities and have generalized so many races. We have seen it through the rape and sexual assault cases filed against you and the derogatory terms you have called women. We have seen it in the way you generalize your policies, just claiming they are the greatest and not telling us what they are. We see through you.

It was shameful for some Americans to admit that they voted for you. Many of your supporters did not tell their friends or family of their vote because they knew they would receive hate. People felt that they had to be secretive about voting for you because of the disgust that is associated with your name. This shows the tremendous effect of your character.

America is scared, and we know you are too. It is obvious you are just as shocked as the American people are that you are going to be in office. The party is over. You will no longer stand in front of crowds of cheering people, stating your vague or almost nonexistent plans to “make America great again.” It is no longer about your outrageous campaign; it is now all serious business. You are now the leader of a free country. Every move you make affects the world.

Right now, I cannot find it in myself to call you president. You are the president to only a select few. I would like to be optimistic, but until you can prove to me that you can focus on the American people, address our needs and maintain our rights, I will not see you as a sufficient leader of the entire country. Remember, you did not win the popular vote and only a little more than half of the American people voted. That means that only about a quarter of the country voted for you. You must be aware of the other 75%. You are not deserving of the title until you can prove your fitness for the role.

You must now take this seriously. No more insults, no more generalizations, no more xenophobic and racist comments. For the next four years, you will set a tone in America. Your phrases and actions will be mimicked by children and will create the social climate in our society.

You no longer can be out of control. You can no longer be the man whose Twitter account had to be taken away because of your temperament. You can no longer say whatever disrespectful things are on your mind. Being politically correct is not just something liberals encourage — it is common respect. You must become more aware of your privilege and more understanding of the struggles faced by minorities. You now represent a diverse country. Not everyone in our nation is just like you — you must be aware our differences.

It is time you shift the focus off of yourself. You can no longer talk about how great you are or how you are the best winner who has the best temperament and has the best treatment of women. This campaign is no longer about you. It is about the well-being of millions of Americans, our rights, and our future.

I have hope that our diverse country will be able to hold on to our rights and liberties. We have made so much progress in the last eight years; it would be devastating to see that stripped away.

I hope that you can prove you have the ability to be a president for the entire United States of America. As much as I do not support you, your actions and words over the course of the next four years will greatly affect our country. It would not be beneficial for you to fail.

In the next four years, act wisely and patiently. Be open to criticism and listen to the people. If you do this, you will be able to move towards uniting and building up our country.

Good luck.

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