Window: nine down, seven to go

Mellisa Yu

Nine dances down and seven more to go. With over a month left, it would seem like the Window Dancers are in good shape for their performance in mid-May. However, as much choreography as they have down, there are still what feels like an infinite number of miniscule details to work on.

“We are doing more dances than usual this year, which means we have to be extra focused during rehearsals. It’s a lot of work to learn so many dances, but that is why we all love Window,” said junior Sylvia Lorenzini.

Each dance is choreographed by one to three Window members, and these choreographers then teach all other member that particular dance. In addition, each dancer usually choreographs two separate dances (more if she is a director) and dances in approximately half of the dances in the show. One can only imagine how much choreography a Window dancer is responsible for creating, organizing, teaching, learning, and memorizing in a mere three months.

“As a director, it is incredibly stressful to figure out dances, let alone plan for them,” said senior director Nina Pongratz. “With so many girls, many dances are required. We always run out of time, but we pull it together.”

Nine down and seven to go, while a commendable feat, still leaves much to do. The girls know that they still have a month of hard work ahead of them. Soon, practices will increase to six days a week in order to fit everything in before “The Lion King” debuts.