Warriorpedia: Senior Show


Pictured above are seniors during the Senior Show boys’ dance. Warriorpedia explains the Senior Show.

Isabel Gitten

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Term: Senior Show

When: Last weekend in March before spring sports

Who: Seniors

What: Senior Show is a comedic fundraiser performance put on by the senior class to raise money for their grade. The show consists of skits, videos and dances organized by students. Each year, the class executive board officers and class advisers select Senior Show directors who organize and cast the Senior Show. The Senior Show is open to all seniors, and the majority of the class usually participates.

Senior Show skits and video scripts are written by seniors and then chosen by the directors. All skits and videos must be approved by the administration before they can be cast. Scripts must follow a policy set by the administration for appropriateness. Scripts are about WHS jokes, popular trends or parodies. Popular past video skits include “Legalize It” from the 2017 Senior Show, “Straight Outta Wayland” from the 2016 Senior Show and “What Does the Frosh Say” from the 2014 Senior Show. 

Window dance ensemble captains choreograph and teach the dances to seniors. The three traditional Senior Show dances are the boys’ dance, the girls’ dance and the co-ed dance. These dances are open to all seniors. The boys’ dance is traditionally a “strip down” dance where students strip down to minimal clothing during the performance. In the co-ed dance, students dance with a partner.

Rehearsals are organized by the directors and occur in the weeks leading up to the Senior Show. Seniors must memorize lines for live skits and pre-shoot any videos.

The Senior Show takes place every March. Past Senior Shows can be found here.