UPDATED: Racist graffiti written on Timeline Tunnel


Credit: Isabel Gitten

Sophomores in history teacher David Gavron’s Old World and New World classes recently participated in the annual Agents of Change festival.

Isabel Gitten

On Tuesday, May 1, a WHS student reported racist graffiti on the Timeline Tunnel display in the history wing. The Timeline Tunnel display was set up for the METCO 50th anniversary celebration and depicted Wayland African-American history. The graffiti consisted of a racial slur written with permanent marker on three different spots on the display. Principal Allyson Mizoguchi explained the incident in an email sent to the WHS community.

“This act is an abhorrent violation of our values and an insult to our community,” Mizoguchi wrote. “Hate in any form — whether in word or in deed — has no place at WHS.”

In Wednesday’s advisory session, students and faculty discussed WHS’ expectations and how to prevent similar acts in the future. In addition, all students are welcome to attend a discussion in the Fine Arts Shop during all three lunches.

“This is also an opportunity for our community to band together in solidarity against hatred,” Mizoguchi wrote.

In her email, Mizoguchi urged parents to speak to their child about the incident and reiterate WHS’ hope for respect and equity at school.

The administration is investigating the incident and urges students with any information on the graffiti to speak to Mizoguchi, or vice principals Jim Nocito and Ethan Dolleman. There is also a confidential reporting form that is open to students.

The graffiti has been removed since the incident was reported and the displays have been restored.

UPDATED: Check out WSPN’s coverage of the teacher assembly that followed here.