Album Review: “~How I’m Feeling~” by Lauv


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The cover of Lauv’s latest album, “~How I’m Feeling~.” WSPN’s Alyssa Dickstein offers her review of the EP.

Alyssa Dickstein

Oct. 3 marked the release of Lauv’s EP “~How I’m Feeling~.” Contrary to the title, the EP does not center around just one emotion but multiple. The first song on the track list, “Sims,” is a love song, but by the end of the EP, Lauv has completely changed directions with the song “I’m so tired…” in which he sings about his irritation with love and love songs.

On the surface, the EP appears to have no clear message, but this is not entirely true. The songs bounce around from going through breakups to partying to being in love to dating. But throughout it, the EP contains a subtle underlying message: feeling hopeless when it comes to relationships.

The EP opens with the lyrics, “I wish that you and I lived in The Sims/We could build a house and plant some flowers/and have kids,” from the song “Sims.” Over the course of the next few verses, Lauv continues to relive scenarios in which he said the wrong thing. Ultimately, Lauv touches upon the unspoken truth that in reality, relationships are never the fairy tale romances we want them to be because we don’t actually live in The Sims.

In “Feelings,” Lauv connects with his audience by singing about something many people can relate to – being friend-zoned by someone he likes. In the song, he expresses his internal struggle with his feelings and with what to say and how to act. 

“Sad Forever” is a ballad of about losing yourself in a relationship and the repercussions of letting this happen. He sings: “Lately I’ve been in the backseat to my own life/Trying to take control but I don’t know how to.” “Sad Forever” leads directly into the next song, “Drugs & The Internet.” The first deals with the need to end a relationship, and the latter relates to the consequences of breaking up, emphasizing that two ways to get over a break-up are to turn to drugs and the Internet.

The EP ends with “I’m so tired…,” a song that applauds the idea of giving up on love. Although this is a somber note on which to end an album, it is actually the peppiest song on the EP. Lauv’s declaration that he is “so tired of love songs” will actually leave listeners feeling cheerful and humming along to its catchy tune.

Rating: 9/10

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