QuaranTV: Student Council hosts weekly video challenges


Credit: Courtesy of Elizabeth Zhong

The Student Council is launching a video challenge event where students have the opportunity to win $30 or more by submitting interesting videos based off each week’s theme. There will be five weeks.

Kevin Wang

The Student Council is running an event where WHS students participate weekly in various challenges. After each week, Student Council and class e-boards will vote on each grade’s best submission.

The first week will begin on Monday, March 30. Students should submit videos to seniors Shawn Bernier and/or CJ Brown, the Student Council’s president and vice president.

The event will last for five weeks until the end of April, and an awards ceremony will be held for students to vote on which of the weekly winners, or the “nominees” submitted the best video. A $30 cash prize will be awarded to each week’s victor.

Below are all the submissions and the weekly winners for each grade. Stay tuned for updates here at WSPN for the entirety of the event.

Week 1: Trick Shots

Winners: Freshman Delia Caulfield, sophomore Andrew Boyer, junior Laura Clayton, senior Gavin Moser

Week 2: Cooking

Winners: Freshman Grace Marto, sophomore Lindsey Brown, junior Mabel Xu, senior Julia Pak

Week 3: Music Videos

Winners: Freshman Eileen Kaewprasert, sophomore Andrew Boyer and senior Maggie Britton. No junior submitted a video.

Week 4: Drawing

Winners: Freshman Alyssa Chow, sophomore Arielle Ma, junior Jaelin Hoopes, senior Keren Dahan

Week 5: Workouts

Winners: Freshman Eileen Kaewprasert, sophomore Madeeha Syeda, junior Dylan Bonanno, senior Zoe Hughes