News Brief: Industries staying open amidst the spread of COVID-19


Credit: WSPN Staff

Massachusetts has decided to shut down some businesses and industries, while also promising to keep others functional. Many businesses ultimately will have to choose for themselves what path to take.

Dante Coppola

As the United States furthers its fight against COVID-19, Massachusetts has focused greatly on reducing any potential contact with the virus. Its policy has centered around reducing human contact, which resulted in the state shutting down all non-essential businesses. Officials, however, also promised to keep a few industries open, with the list consisting of:

Health care, public health and human services
Law enforcement, public safety and first responders
Food and agriculture
Water and wastewater
Public works
Communications and information technology
Critical manufacturing
Hazardous materials
Financial services

In addition, some businesses/jobs are allowed to continue, but with some restrictions. Individual businesses on this list are allowed to close if they wish. That list includes:

Restaurants and bars (takeout and delivery only)
Grocery stores and pharmacies (most restricting amount of customers in the store at a given time)
Liquor stores
Medical marijuana stores (recreational marijuana stores must close)
Blood banks, methadone clinics, shelters
Cemeteries, funeral homes, and crematoriums
Food packaging facilities
Company and campus cafeterias
Organizations responsible for the care and custody of animals (like dog shelters and daycares)
Gas stations and rest stops
Mass transit
Car repair shops
Postal workers and commercial shipping companies
Moving companies
Airports and airlines
Plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and inspectors
Sanitation workers
Park and forest workers
Cable and internet service providers, and associated customer service departments
Security staff
Elections workers
Weather forecasters
Construction workers (though Boston has put on hold any construction projects)
Laundromats and laundry services
Places of worship

This means in the case of Wayland, a large portion of businesses will still remain open in one capacity or another. Of course, this could certainly change in the coming weeks depending on how the outbreak progresses. However, due to the stay-at-home advisory, people won’t really be going to a lot of stores, anyways. This restriction was extended to May 4 on Tuesday, March 31 as Baker decided that the original April 7 reopening was too soon.