The Good News: football, pizza and dogs


Credit: Owen Smith

Reporter Alyssa Dickstein shines light on this week’s most cheerful news: football, pizza and dogs

Alyssa Dickstein

All day, we are accosted by stories like “The stock market tanks,” “The coronavirus sweeps across the nation” and “Unemployment rates are on the rise.” In a world where stories like these are the headlines at the epicenter of our lives, maintaining a positive outlook on life can be hard. Let’s face it, when headlines that incite negativity are the only ones we hear about, it can be hard not to be negative as a result. Given the current outbreak of COVID-19 that has afflicted our well-being, we are all in need of hearing some good news. In order to brighten up your day, here are some current events that, indisputably, qualify as good news.

The first piece of good news that I have to share is all about our favorite football team, the New England Patriots. Team owner Robert Kraft, in partnership with the team itself, flew more than 1 million medical face masks from China to hospitals in Boston and New York City in order to support the United States’ fight against the Coronavirus. This gesture involved flying the masks from China to Logan International Airport here in Boston on one of the Patriots’ team planes then driving the masks to NYC on a truck decorated to support the Patriots.

Honestly, this next piece of news is more funny and weird than it is good. But since when was weird a bad thing? As many of you probably know, some restaurants are still up and running on a strictly takeout and food delivery basis. Well, in upstate New York, a ski mountain had to close early for the season because of COVID-19, according to the New York Times. So, the owner decided to transform the resort into a pizza takeout and delivery operation, using the hotel’s kitchen to cook. Even better, in order to protect their delivery men from infection, they have gone a step beyond masks, gloves and hand sanitizer, and pivoted towards inflatable dinosaur costumes. Yes, the same kind of inflatable dinosaur costumes that you see seniors wearing to school on Halloween.

Next, a Colorado resident has taught her adorable dog to deliver groceries to her next-door neighbor who is confined to her house, as she is more vulnerable to exposure to the coronavirus. The dog, a golden retriever named Sundance, has not only been delivering groceries to his quarantined neighbor, but also mail and meals made by his owner. In an effort to aid her neighbor, this Colorado resident has come up with a way to do so that keeps both her and her neighbor safe and healthy.

That last piece of news comes in a long line of stories about local heroes who have taken it upon themselves to do good for others during this time. By delivering groceries to those confined to their homes and meals to those in need, donating money to the cause to find a vaccine, making homemade masks and gowns to donate to local hospitals or taking on any other helpful projects, these good samaritans are making life easier when it has become significantly more difficult. To all those taking action to help others during these hard times and the essential workers who have committed to the medical and health care of the sick population: THANK YOU! Without you, the good news would be sparse.