The Good News: Week of Feb. 1

The media is too often flooded with bad news. When stories of devastation and destruction are the only ones making headlines, it is easy to lose sight of the good things that are still happening all around us. There is still goodness is the world, and if you need a little help navigating the negative headlines to find it, WSPN’s “The Good News” is here to help. Every week, “The Good News” returns to shine light on one story that indisputably qualifies as good news. If you want to hear about something good for a change, and possibly renew a little bit of your faith in the world, please read on!

This week’s story is about healthcare workers in Oregon who wouldn’t let a little snow and a minimal traffic jam stop them from administering the Moderna vaccine. Okay, it was a blizzard and a four hour delay.

Last week, a team of Oregon healthcare workers were driving to a clinic to administer vaccines when they were caught in a snowstorm. The hazardous driving conditions caused local police to close the highway. As the traffic jam continued, it became less and less likely that the roads would clear in time for the workers to make it to the clinic. Unfortunately, the vaccines are stored at freezing temperatures and cannot be used once they warm up. On the clock with multiple doses of close-to-expired vaccines, the healthcare workers set out to salvage every last dose of the vaccine. Since they couldn’t get to the clinic, they decided they would bring the clinic to the highway. Thankfully, the vaccines had already been transferred to syringes and were ready to be administered anywhere. In this case, through a car window.

“I decided to start going door-to-door, car-to-car, offering” one healthcare worker said.

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