5 ways to assist Texas through the winter storm disaster


Credit: Julia Raymond

Texas is struggling to find warmth, food and clean water due to the cold temperatures and devastation the winter storms left. Many organizations are asking for donations to help Texans survive these storms. WSPN’s Julia Raymond recommends picking an organization and donating to help people who are in desperate need.

Julia Raymond

The Texas power outage is an ongoing issue causing a lack of food and water among Texas residents. Two weeks ago, two major winter storms swept through Texas and left nearly three million people without power. Texans suffered through many days without electricity and are struggling to stay warm, while dealing with unsafe water due to low water levels. Keep reading to find out how to support Texans who are in desperate need of help.

1. Feeding Texas

The storm halted Texas’ supply chain, resulting in hunger amongst the people. The grocery store shelves emptied fast, and pantries ran out of food. The freezing temperatures wiped out Texas’ vegetable crops and ceased the school meal distributions, leaving the state with virtually no food. Currently, the food banks lack the volunteers to travel on the roads to help deliver food, making meal deliveries a struggle. Staples such as eggs, meat, potatoes and milk are gone everywhere. Donations are the only way Texans can recover from this. Click here if you wish to donate to the Texans who are facing hunger.

2. American Red Cross

With no electricity, Texans are struggling to stay warm. The American Red Cross organization is donating coats and blankets to warming centers. There are not enough supplies at the warming centers because of the large amounts of people, leaving many without warmth. Click here to donate some warmth to Texas.

3. #LoveThyNeighborTX

In Austin, Texas, the Urban League has started the #LoveThyNeighborTX campaign to raise money for food, hotel rooms, water, clothing and other necessities for insecure housing communities. $1,387,730.34 out of $1,500,000.00 has been raised so far and 12,614 people have volunteered. This campaign shared the sad reality that 2,500 people are unhoused, bearing the 12 degrees Fahrenheit at night. People need the money for shelter, which is $500 for a week’s stay. Click here to help get these people back on their feet.

4.Mercy Chefs and Lucille’s 1913 Community Kitchen

These organizations are delivering warm meals to Texans. Mercy Chefs have moved locations to Dallas, Texas, to serve as many people as possible. Due to the extreme shortage of food at grocery stores and food banks, these meals are crucial. People are also struggling to have clean water, and Mercy Chefs are working on getting clean water to people to combat this issue.

5.Rebuilding Together

During the storm, many houses suffered from burst water pipes, leaving a large bill. Rebuilding Together provides repairs for the damaged houses due to the storm. They are working on homes in north Texas, Dallas and Houston. With insufficient rooms in the warming centers, people’s only other shelter are their damaged houses.

People are not only suffering, but dying. People are being found dead in their houses due to the extreme cold, and the problem is not going away. According to Austin American-Statesman, more than 86 people have died in the Austin area.