Half Hour Hook S2E7: All-Star Game and Mid-Season Recap

Garrett Spooner and Andrew Boyer

Founder of “Half Hour Hook” Andrew Boyer, alongside WSPN sports broadcast editor Garrett Spooner recap the wild world of the NBA. In today’s episode, Boyer and Spooner recap the NBA all-star festivities, including breaking down the three-point and dunk contests. After that, the pair goes through the standings and storylines throughout the NBA as the regular season begins to heat up.


0:07: Intro

1:11: All-Star Weekend Recap

3:54: Three-Point Contest

9:27: Dunk Contest

13:35: Brooklyn Nets

19:09: New York Knicks

21:16: Charlotte Hornets

25:11: Phoenix Suns

28:01: Golden State Warriors

31:15: Outro