News Brief: Change in MCAS Schedule


Credit: Tess Alongi

MCAS testing will be administered throughout the next two weeks at Wayland High School.

Tess Alongi

Wayland High School will administer MCAS testing throughout the next two weeks. Because of COVID-19, freshmen and sophomores will be required to take MCAS but juniors will not.

Freshmen will take their Biology MCAS on June 9 for two hours during their first and second period classes along with their advisory.

All sophomores and the juniors who opted to take the test will be taking their tests on three different dates. On June 2 and June 9, students will take the two ELA Sections. The first session taking place on June 2 is projected to take two to two and a half hours and the second session taking place on June 9 is projected to take one and a half to two hours.

Math MCAS for all sophomores and some juniors will take place June 4 and will be two three to four hours. It will take place during the first three blocks of the day but students will be able to work into last block if needed.