BREAKING NEWS: Class officer results


Credit: Screenshot from advisory slides

The class officer results are now finalized and students can see the results in their emails.

Tess Alongi

Wayland High School English Teacher and Student Council Advisor Kelsey Pitcairn emailed the class officer results to WHS students after last block on Friday, May 28. Voting began on Wednesday, May 26, after the displaying of the candidates prerecorded speeches during advisory.

The results are as follows:

Class of 2022:
President: Andrew Zhao
Vice-President: Garrett Spooner
Secretary: Megan Chau
Treasurer: Nina Lei

Class of 2023:
President: Prash Subbiah
Vice-President: Samantha Tyska
Secretary: Genevieve Morrison
Treasurer: Grant Lee

Class of 2024:
President: Andrew Medeiros
Vice-President: Giovanni Sebastianelli
Secretary: Missy Prince
Treasurer: Nora Edouarzin