Follow-up: Turf field moratorium passes at special town meeting


Credit: Tess Alongi

Wayland citizens gather at the High School for the special town meeting. Four articles were voted on and all passed at the meeting.

Tess Alongi

Wayland’s special town meeting took place yesterday, Oct. 3, from 12:30-2:30. Wayland residents voted to pass the three year moratorium on the turf fields along with the three articles for the grass fields. The passing of the moratorium blocks construction of turf fields for the next three years. The passing of the additional three articles allows the town to determine the feasibility of potentially building up to three natural grass fields in town.

The article with the most number of votes had 447 votes total. There are currently 10,800 registered voters in Wayland, so less than 5% of registered voters came to town meeting. Additionally, only 47 more people that the 400 needed on the petition to call the meeting attended.

Voting Breakdown:

Article 1:
Yes: 353
No: 77

Article 2:
Yes: 327
No: 120

Article 3:
Yes: 340
No: 36

Article 4:
Yes: 216
No: 100