News Brief: WHS set to return to school with new COVID-19 protocols


Credit: Theo Ghosh

News Editor Tess Alongi highlights the new COVID-19 quarantine protocol.

Tess Alongi

Due to the current surge of COVID-19 cases as a result of the new omicron variant, WHS students received an email from principal Allyson Mizoguchi about safety protocols. The email included new information as well as reminded students of essential protocols.

The email reminded students about the importance of wearing masks and informed students that there would be punishments for those who do not. In addition, students were reminded to stay home if they are sick.

Students were also told that in the event that they have to stay home because of COVID-19, there is no remote learning option. The final reminder was encouraging students to sign up for weekly pool testing.

Mizoguchi also made students aware of new information regarding the cafeteria tables. Because of the rising COVID-19 cases, the lunch tables have been removed and once again, students will have to eat lunch at desks in rows.

The email ended with the WHS administration expressing expectation that students will “remain vigilant during non-school hours,” in order to help keep the school community as healthy as possible.