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Review: “Stuck With U” and “Level of Concern”

WSPN’s Alyssa Dickstein reviews songs written by artists while in quarantine. By writing and recording music from their homes these artists have been able to raise money to support COVID-19 recovery efforts such as Crew Nation and the First Responder Children's Foundation, and raise awareness for CNN’s Heroes campaign.

Alyssa Dickstein

May 20, 2020

Many artists across the world have been writing and producing music while in quarantine to raise money to support COVID-19 recovery efforts. The artists mentioned in this article are just a few among many other musicians who have taken action in this way, so to all of them: THANK YOU. Stuck With U ...

Flavor! Icebox Cake (6 photos)

Ingredients: Half a package of graham crackers (7.2 oz), two packages of chocolate pudding mix (3.4 oz). Whipped Cream: two tsp. of sugar, one cup of heavy whipping cream

Julia Raymond

May 20, 2020

Ingredients: - Half a package of graham crackers (7.2 oz.) - Two packages of chocolate pudding mix (3.4 oz) Whipped Cream: -Two teaspoons of sugar - One cup of heavy whipping cream Instructions: -Align graham crackers in a single layer in the dish -Pour instant pudding over graham crackers and spread ...

Wayland community unites to celebrate the class of 2020

Senior Fatma Sayeh poses in front of her decorations, prior to her celebration.

Christina Taxiarchis

May 15, 2020

The Wayland community has come together to participate in weekly parades celebrating the class of 2020. Each Saturday, from April 25 onward, WHS seniors and their families caravan around town to honor and acknowledge the class of 2020’s accomplishments. On March 12, the class of 2020 unknowingly...

Flavor! Strawberry Ice Cream (4 photos)

Step Three: Add toppings of your choice and enjoy!

Emily Staiti and Caroline Lampert

May 14, 2020

WSPN's Emily Staiti whips up some quick and ready to eat strawberry ice cream. Ingredients: Two frozen bananas One cup of frozen strawberries Two tbsp. almond milk One tsp. vanilla extract One scoop of protein powder Instructions: Blend all ingredients together Freeze for...

Best video games to play during quarantine

Now that students have ample time on their hands and are becoming more bored by the day, video games are a great way to stay connected with your friends while at home. WSPN's Max Brande shares eight of his favorite video games to play at home during quarantine.

Max Brande

May 5, 2020

Now that school has officially been canceled for the year, students will have even more time on their hands than they already had. What better way is there to spend free time than playing video games for hours on end with your friends? WSPN’s Max Brande shares and breaks down eight of his favorite...

Teachers swing between Zoom and Google Meets for online classes

With schools closed for the rest of the year, WHS teachers are now faced with a choice between Google Meet and Zoom for their online classes.

Atharva Weling

April 28, 2020

Ever since mid-March, when the spread of COVID-19 forced towns across the country to close schools, teachers have been working to find the ideal online alternative to a normal classroom setting. Now that Gov. Charlie Baker has declared that Massachusetts schools will remain closed until the end of the...

Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog

In the latest installment of

Brasen Chi

April 28, 2020

Warning: Spoilers ahead. With many people looking forward to the cinematic debut of their favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog had varying expectations set upon it. Some believed it to be another joke movie. Others had hoped that it would do their childhood nostalgia justice; however, after...

Viral trends under quarantine

WSPN's Katherine Kim lists seven trends that went viral over social media during quarantine. If you are searching for fun ways to spend your free time, keep reading!

Katherine Kim

April 22, 2020

Although the world has been physically and socially isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic, the community has continued to stay connected to each other via social media. Due to the urge to overcome boredom, certain trends have blown up and taken over different social media platforms within minutes. Since...

10 outdoor activities to do during April break

WSPN’s Christina Taxiarchis lists ten activities to do during April break. If you have found yourself bored during quarantine and willing to try something new, keep on reading!

Christina Taxiarchis

April 19, 2020

Unfortunately, many members of the Wayland community have had to cancel their upcoming spring break trips due to COVID-19. Although there isn’t much to do around town because of the virus, WSPN has come up with 10 outdoor activities that will keep you busy during these stressful and boring times. Instead...

Review: Lil Uzi Vert’s “Eternal Atake”

In the latest installment of Staff Reviews, WSPN's Andrew Boyer provides an in-depth dive into the latest release by Philly-based rapper Lil Uzi Vert, the highly-anticipated

Andrew Boyer

April 9, 2020

On Friday, March 6, Philly-based rapper Lil Uzi Vert shocked the world by dropping his highly anticipated album, Eternal Atake. This project has been in the works for almost three years, since the rapper dropped Luv Is Rage 2, which many considered to be the album of the year, in 2017. Known for being...

Top 10 TV Shows to watch on Netflix

WSPN's Deirdre Brown lists the top rated shows at WHS to binge. Continue reading if you are looking for a great new series to get into with so much free time.

Deirdre Brown, Staff Reporter

April 5, 2020

As you find yourself wandering around your house in boredom, you may think of starting a new TV series. Take a look at this list to find inspiration. The Office: Comedy Michael Scott is a Dunder Mifflin paper office manager in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The company invites a documentary crew into the...

Accepted students are forced to follow their gut in the college selection process

Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, accepted students have been forced to find alternative ways to gather information without visiting any campuses.

Jimmy Paugh

April 3, 2020

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has made it difficult for seniors to decide on which school they would like to attend next year. Accepted students in the past have typically visited schools to make this decision easier, but that is no longer a possibility for the class of 2020. Senior Alyssa Dennis is...

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