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WHS seniors reflect on the college application process

With the 2018-19 school year heading into the home stretch, WHS seniors prepare to head off to college in the fall. After a difficult college application process, the Class of 2019 offers advice to other students preparing to begin the college application process.

Josh Schreiber

May 17, 2019

Applying to college is a complicated process that requires a lot of decisions. That is the consensus of the Class of 2019. With the majority of the seniors having decided where they will be heading off to college next fall, they look back on the strenuous process of college applications. While starting...

WHS seniors set to take to the skies

Pictured above is a squadron of US Air Force Thunderbirds. Instead of attending a typical four-year university, some WHS seniors plan to enlist or attend a military academy next year. “I want to serve my country,” Senior Mikel Reese said. “Both [of] my grandparents were in the Navy. I have that sort of pride of wanting to do something and make a change in the world.”

Alex Janoff

May 16, 2019

Since the end of the college decision process, many graduating seniors have begun thinking about potential college roommates or important dorm room commodities. Instead of preparing for the civilian workforce, a number of WHS seniors plan to spend the next few years either as an enlisted recruit or a...

Athlete of the Month: Michael Lampert

Boys varsity lacrosse captain Michael Lampert cradles the ball as an opposing player attempts to steal the ball. He runs while using his size to his advantage, looking for an opening to throw the ball for a play. “I would say my biggest challenge has been people doubting my size,” Lampert said. “I have overcome this by doing extra workouts to show people that I can use my size to my advantage.”

Joanna Barrow and Alyssa Dickstein

May 15, 2019

Senior Michael Lampert recently became the top scoring player ever to play lacrosse at Wayland High School. In fact, Lampert’s love of lacrosse even predates the existence of Wayland’s youth lacrosse league, so when Lampert first decided to start playing lacrosse, he had to venture outside of Wayland...

Wayland’s Iron Dome

Pictured above is the

Kevin Wang, Christina Taxiarchis, and Carly Camphausen

May 13, 2019

Politicians often speak of bridging the divide between the suburbs and the cities, the wealthy and the poor, the white and the black. Different types of isolation that certain towns or even schools encounter can vary from social to academic issues. A town can become exposed to these issues due to population...

WHS students give back to their community

Pictured above is the WHS Academic Center. Students at WHS can complete their volunteer hours in many different ways, one of which involves tutoring in the Academic Center. “I think that 20 to 30 hours is a good amount of time considering the requirement is not a yearly thing,” sophomore Erin Hines said. “It feels really good to help out those in need or those in a not so ideal situation. The more I volunteer, the more I love it.”

Alex Janoff and Cammy Lehr

May 8, 2019

WHS requires students to complete 30 hours of community service throughout their four years at the high school. Where, when and how students choose to volunteer is up to them, and WHS students have engaged in a variety of activities for community service. Sophomore Erin Hines has been volunteering...

Examining the gender gaps in AP courses

Pictured above is an infogram representing the results of WSPN's survey of the genders of AP students.

Joyce Wu and Alex Janoff

April 25, 2019

In the workforce, STEM-related fields, including computer programming, scientific research, and engineering, are male-dominated. According to official school data, AP enrollment at WHS follows this trend, with more females enrolled in AP humanities courses and more males enrolled in AP STEM courses. While...

Increasing cultural experience through field trips

Pictured above is the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Despite the busy school schedules of students, the language department is able to hold many enriching field trips each school year. “A lot of times, I feel like these field trips are for the opportunity to make a connection elsewhere,” Bryant said. “Sometimes, it leads to something great, which is kind of neat.”

Joyce Wu and Allie Nunn

April 11, 2019

In Wayland students’ elementary and middle school years, field trips are abundant. Students highly anticipate trips like visiting Washington D.C., Kimball Farms, Plymouth Plantation and the North End in Boston and consider them the highlight of their primary school career. However, as students enter...

The battle of our generation: Teenagers vs. Sleep

Teenagers are struggling to get their recommended nine hours of sleep. The lack of sleep is affecting teenagers in several ways. “I see people who come in on a Monday morning and say that they didn’t get sleep last night because they were up doing a paper, when really they had all weekend to do it,” Scheoff said.

Meredith Prince and Isabella Arenas

April 10, 2019

Just like how we eat food to function and maintain energy throughout the day, our brains need sleep. During sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur. So, why has a large part of our generation disregarded the importance of sleep? Lack of sleep has become a common trait in teenagers, and...

College process: then vs. now

Pictured above is a pile of college mail. The climate surrounding college admissions has changed substantially over the past thirty years.

Joyce Wu and Caitlin Newton

April 8, 2019

From repeated standardized test-taking to writing supplement essays, the college process is long and complicated for most students and can start as early as their sophomore year. Currently, college acceptance rates are at an all-time low and decreasing every year. This rapid change raises the question: how did the college process 20+ years ago compare to how it is now? ...

Getting Involved: Clubs at WHS

WHS' Power Club educated students during Black History Month. In addition to Power, there are many clubs at WHS to get involved in.

Jessica Reilly

April 7, 2019

In addition to sports and arts, WHS offers a wide variety of clubs that provide all students an opportunity to get involved and find their niche. While some clubs are commonly known among students, others can be less well-known but equally as interesting. Power Club Junior Fatma Sayeh is the co-...

Reflection of the 2019 Senior Show

Seniors Clara Hurney and Eric McGonagle act as peer mentors for the freshmen class in a skit during the Senior Show. The show opened Friday, March 22 and attracted a full house of students and parents.

Caterina Tomassini

April 5, 2019

Nothing says class bonding like dancing together in your underwear in front of your parents and teachers. The class of 2019 worked together throughout the winter to put together WHS’s annual Senior Show, a performance run entirely by the seniors in which they act out comical skits reflecting their...

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