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Helping out the environment

April 2, 2009

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You may have noticed that during the past few weeks, biology students have been running bake sales, adopting animals and doing other good deeds in the name of the environment. Here are few eco-friendly messages, brought to you by Oliver Levin, Elena Drews, Cassidy Way, and Lauren Obermiller: Save the Rai...

WHS emergency survival guide

Siddharth Virkud

April 2, 2009

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It’s that time of year again and it’s important that we all keep in mind the rules and regulations. In the event of a school emergency, remain calm. Please keep your arms and legs within classroom at all times. Failure to comply may result in severe humiliation and/or demerits. Upon entering each...

Bush makes last push to curb reproductive rights

Sasha Pansovoy

January 16, 2009

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President George W. Bush has taken one final shot at the abortion issue. Specifically, he has pushed to pass the “right of conscience” legislation which will allow medical personnel “to refuse to participate in any practice they object to on moral grounds, including abortion but possibly birth...

Expensive snacks make students go crazy

Whitney Fletcher

November 8, 2008

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One fifty for a croissant? Sixty cents for a chocolate chip muffin? Most of you were probably appalled to discover the sudden increase in nearly all the snack line items. This change probably came unexpectedly, leaving you to frantically search for spare change in your pockets, while quietly cursing...

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