Breaking News: North Building fire alarm malfunctions for the fourth time this week


Credit: Nadya Chase

Students gather outside in the courtyard while firemen search the North Building after an unexpected fire alarm. This was the third time that the fire alarm went off this week.

Nadya Chase and Katya Luzarraga

At 12:10 p.m. on Friday, March 4, a fire alarm was triggered in the North Building by a malfunction in a panel in the front office. Students who were on their way to second lunch had to wait outside in the courtyard until the fire department arrived.

This was the third fire alarm that was triggered this week. The other two unplanned fire alarms went off on Monday, Feb. 28 and Friday, March 4. After the fire alarm on Monday, Dr. Mizoguchi sent an email to students and parents which stated that the fire alarm was due to a malfunction in the system and that no real threat was present.

The fire alarm malfunction only occurred in the North Building of the school during all three alarms, with the South Building remaining in class with no fire alarm interruptions.

Students were able to return into the commons for their lunch period after about 10 minutes of standing in the courtyard.

“All fire alarms were caused by the panel malfunction in the front office, [which] goes between the walls of the auditorium,” Wayland High School Assistant Principal Laura Cole said. “The firemen were just here and tried to fix it, [so] I really hope the problem is resolved now.”

Update: The fire alarm has gone off for a fourth time at 2:05 p.m. on Friday, March 4.