ICYMI: Week of March 27 – Anti-Racism Resolution, Women’s History Month and Horse Girls


Credit: Nat Hsu

Tess Alongi

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Tess Alongi summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.

Staff Reporter Penelope Biddle wrote about the One Wayland organization that organized the first ever Wayland Diversity Town Hall. Staff Reporter Katya Luzarraga spoke to members of the Loker School community about the mask-optional mandate.

Staff Reporter Nina Wilson wrote about MA local Sean Farrell’s journey to the olympics. Staff Reporters Selena Liu and Lucy Grasso, along with WSPN’s Charlotte Thirman and Editor Joanna Barrow, followed up on the Anti-Racism Resolution that the Wayland School Committee signed a year ago.

Staff Reporter Jayant Kuppuswamy talked to WHS community members about Tom Brady’s return. WSPN’s Emily Roberge spoke to WHS students about their March Madness brackets.

WSPN’s Sophia Oppenheim and staff reporter Nina Wilson talked to WHS community members about Women’s History Month.

“Women’s History Month this March gives us the chance to appreciate the women in our lives,” Oppenheim and Wilson said. “Students and staff expressed their thanks towards the women who have shaped them best and taught them what it means to be strong.”

Staff Reporters Hallie Luo and Annabelle Zhang spoke with WHS Musicians on the cancellation of Senior Districts. Staff Reporter Ari Zukerman wrote about WHSTE’s “Horse Girls“.

WSPN’s Delia Caulfield shared her opinion on not letting Women’s History Month become obsolete. WSPN’s Emily Roberge and Staff Reporter Bella Schreiber share their side by side opinions of the U.S. military in the Ukrainian war.

Staff Reporters Lucy Grasso, Morgen Warner and Carolina Sdoia talked about Course Selection and the Annual Jimmy Fund Walk in episode 49 of Weekly Breakdown.