What the Warriors are Wearing: Whiteout and Kicks for Cancer


Credit: Talia Macchi

In this week’s edition of “What the Warriors are Wearing,” WSPN’s Talia Macchi shares how to purchase your ticket for the football game and what to expect at the annual Kicks for Cancer game on Saturday.

Talia Macchi

Are you psyched it’s Friday? You should be because the Warriors hit the road this evening for their first away game of the season. The fan section will also be traveling to Ashland, filling the bleachers. Go all out because tonight is a whiteout!

Earlier this week, Wayland High School’s Assistant Athletic Director, Erin Ryan sent out an email to the school informing students that they will have to pre-pay for their ticket to the game in Ashland. Tickets must be purchased online through a site called GoFan as Ashland will not be accepting cash at the gate.

“Our football team is playing away at Ashland High School Friday night and Ashland does not accept cash at the gate,” Ryan said.

In her email, she also added a reminder to stay respectful at the game and to be kind to the opposing town.

“Please plan ahead if you intend to go to the game and remember to be respectful to the game staff, opposing fans and players,” Ryan said.

And the fun doesn’t end Friday night because there is also the annual Kicks for Cancer soccer game Saturday night at Concord Carlisle High School. The Waylands boys varsity soccer team will be playing Bedford at 7 p.m.

“Kicks for Cancer vs Bedford this Saturday, 7 o’clock at CC,” posted senior Ryan Prince in the Wayland Fan Section FaceBook group.

At last year’s Kicks for Cancer game, Wayland beat Bedford 1-0, where they were decked out in pink. For this year, however, the soccer team will be wearing blue, so it is expected that Wayland fans do the same. Luckily for the fan section, blue Kicks for Cancer shirts will be sold at the field.

“You guys know the drill,” Prince said. “We are blue this year, so make sure to get your blue.”

Furthermore, each player playing in the soccer game will have the last name of a loved one who suffered from cancer printed on the back of their jerseys.

“It’s super special because we literally get to represent someone on our back that’s been impacted by cancer in our lives,” senior Luke Caples said.

So, get loud and bring out your blue and white this weekend for the Warriors, they’ll be psyched to see you.

“Just being loud helps so much because we feed off the fan section’s energy,” Caples said.